27. Share The Why.

Before others can understand what to do or how to do it, they must first understand why. Explain the big picture. The more people understand the reason for what we’re doing, the more actively they can participate in the solution.

Jeff's Message:


I love the fundamental “Share the Why”. It is absolutely crucial to anyone’s growth. I use this fundamental everyday while on the phone fielding technical issue calls and at home with my kids. Explaining “The Why to my kids will help them understand what was done so they can learn from it. (Think: Don’t stick a fork in the outlet because…)

Famous Supply as a company embraces this Fundamental. “The Why is always shared as it relates to company growth, business ideas, new products, technical training and more. It helps everyone grow because they get a better understanding for why decisions are made. As part of the HVAC Technical Support Team, we are always explaining “The Why”. If all we did was give answers, nobody would learn. We want to teach as we investigate the issue. The most rewarding part of my job is finding out why something is not working properly and sharing what we learned.

I’ve told many technicians; everyone has an “aha” moment, it’s when something they have been struggling with starts to make sense. however, the technician’s job is not done. Now it’s their turn to share “The Why”. to help educate our industry.  

If I had to pick one person at Famous who demonstrates this fundamental well, I would say Mark Ham.  I get to sit next to him and he is always willing to explain to the contractors not only what is happening but why. 

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut where you just want to do it yourself. Everyone has heard the old saying “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself”. While sometimes this may be the case, the true test to see if you understand something is, rather than doing it, explain it, and The Why! 

Jeff Rosenblum
Technical Support – Training