28. Think Safe. Work Safe.

Know and practice the safety procedures for your job. Watch out for the safety of your teammates as well, for we’re all part of the Famous Family. Never take shortcuts that compromise your safety or that of your teammates.

Shawn's Message:


As a leader, Think Safe. Work Safe. is one of, if not the most, important fundamental we have. As a leader in a distribution center I cannot help but feel a responsibility to promote and build a culture of safety in the work place. I began my work career as a 14 year old kid and learned at a very young age the importance of creating a safe work environment. The impact stretches far beyond the walls of any facility, roadway, yard etc.

In business terms, when we think safety, we often think of how we are impacted by loss of production, coverage or impacts to a customer base. The real impact is to Families. The word family takes on different meanings in relation to safety. When we think of coworkers they are, in a sense, our family. We often spend more time with them than our loved ones at home. As coworkers we all have a responsibility to ourselves and to all others that we interact with on a daily basis. Each of us as individuals can influence others to Think Safe Work Safe by being vocal. If you recognize unsafe behavior, don’t be afraid to speak up. Be proactive not reactive. Address issues immediately and also look for potential safety concerns, even if they appear to be minor at the time. Safety is a mindset, not a skillset. Your coworkers and their families will be grateful for it.

The true impact of safety and the fundamental Think Safe Work Safe is for our Families and Loved Ones at Home. They are number oneWhen all of us leave our loved ones at home to come to work they expect for us to return home safely. I think of my nine year old daughter who asks me each and every night “what time will you be home tomorrow”. Her only concern is that she will see me tomorrow. Not my job, what I do at work or what work provides. My son still waits at the door each and every day to play catch with a baseball the minute my truck pulls into the driveway. Our loved ones aren’t as concerned with what we do at work as they are for a safe return. This is where the Work Family impacts us all. By everyone Thinking Safe Working Safe we help ensure the safe return that our families and loved ones so desire.

Think Safe. Work Safe.