29. Be An Expert.

Our customers expect us to not only offer quality products, services, and solutions, but also to be technical experts. Take the time to learn everything you can. Ask questions and do research to make yourself an expert. Be a lifelong learner and take ownership for your personal development.

Marc's Message:


There’s an old axiom that says “Knowledge is Power”.  I believed that for many, many decades throughout my career.  However, a couple years ago I was at a presentation, and the speaker made an interesting comment that not only struck me then, but has stuck with me since that day.  He said knowledge is NOT power Š unless you APPLY it.  I’ve thought about that comment on many occasions and have shared it with others when appropriate.  To me, the analogy of “applying it” (or not applying it) would be like having a good idea, but not taking action to implement it.  Having interesting thoughts are great, but if we don’t do anything with them to make progress and move forward, is it really a benefit for the company or our customers from a business perspective?

Similarly, setting out to acquire knowledge that relates specifically to your role or in related areas that provide additional viewpoints and knowledge is a good thing.  But we need to figure out what to do with that information and how to utilize or deliver it in ways that add value and make us better.  A good example of this would be the online training courses that we have available through our industry associations like ASA and HARDI, as well as vendor specific portals like Lochinvar University.  Individuals that have taken advantage of this educational curriculum that Famous offers are Dave Hudia, Joe Palermo, Brian Davis, Ryan Hepner, Corey Hovance, Diana St. Clair, Dan Rarric, Ellen Lewis, James Galloway, Seth VanOrsdale, Jasmine Sampson, Dennis Karban, and Larry Puchajda.  I’m very proud of this group that has been so proactive to learn more and apply that knowledge with their customers to help grow our business.

In addition, our attorneys at our law firm, Sonkin and Koberna, and our accountants at Cohen & Company are also shining examples of this fundamental.  Rick Sonkin, Mark Koberna, and their incredible team of attorneys and Tracy Monroe, Keith Klodnick, and Mark Schikowsky at Cohen are all 100% dedicated to their craft.  They are continually learning new case law, compliance and regulatory matters, audit and tax laws, and other pertinent business best practices and share their knowledge and expertise with Famous so that we may run our business most effectively.  Moreover, our CFO Pete Bastulli does a terrific job coordinating with all our professional partners, and it’s not a cursory facilitation.  He truly digs in to understand the fine details of every matter with our outside team.  He is an integral part of our process, and by acquiring the knowledge, he is able to translate and apply that in depth understanding into solid guidance and decisions to help Famous and ultimately you (our associates).

Every individual can make such an incredible difference in so many ways with knowledge and the application of it.  At its core, this is truly the foundation for progress.  Thanks for not only thinking about how you can learn to make things better, but actually doing it!