3. Personalize Our Purpose.

Build meaningful relationships for life by investing quality time to get to know your fellow associates, customers, and suppliers on a deeper and more personal level. Knowing more about them, their families, their work, their interests, and their aspirations is important to our long-term success.

Joe's Message:


I have been in the water heating industry for almost 40 years. WOW! Over 20 years have been with Famous Supply in wholesale distribution, the rest in the manufacturing/manufactures representative field. The one common denominator with all these types of businesses is they are all “Family” oriented, which creates a lot of personal relationships over time. This also translates to the contractors (our customer) that we deal with on a continuous basis. Many of those companies are family owned, with mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in the businesses.

These life long relationships seem to lead to business successes for everyone. I really feel like I’m helping a friend, not just trying to “sell” them something. Some of us have grown up with our customers. How many times have you been invited to birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and holiday parties of customers you deal with on a regular basis? These all build that personal connection to a level that is hard to measure.

I have been to one of our customer’s family functions many of times over the last 20 years, from their daughters’ graduations, their weddings, baptisms of grandkids, and holiday parties. This is just because of the personal relationship we’ve grown over the years, which I’m very honored and proud of. These kinds of experiences in life are rewarding and contribute to not only a long term successful career, but a more meaningful life as well.

To call out any one associate who stands out on this fundamental would be so difficult, because I truly think we all have them throughout Famous, from our delivery drivers, warehouse, counter sales, inside/outside sales, middle management and administrative support teams. We all personalize our life to others, to feel greater sense of belonging to a higher level.

WOW what a great way to work!