31. Be Obsessive About Organization.

Quality work flows from a clean and organized work place. Make sure your work area, and our facility are safe, clean, and orderly. For every minute you spend organizing and planning, an hour is earned.

Paul's Message:


Having a clean and organized work area is important to all of us. When we’re more organized we can be more productive and are better able to help fellow associates when needed.

We work in a very fast paced business with a lot of things going on all of the time. One thing that helps me is to pick up after myself (just like at home) since we probably spend more time here than we do at home.

Go the extra step, and if you see anything in your work area or branch that doesn’t look safe, please bring it to someone’s attention so it can be addressed.

If we all work together as a team to be more organized, everything will be that much easier for all of us.