31. Be Obsessive About Organization.

Quality work flows from a clean and organized work place. Make sure your work area, and our facility are safe, clean, and orderly. For every minute you spend organizing and planning, an hour is earned.

Tabitha's Message:


Being organized doesn’t always come naturally or easily to people, but it can be achieved through practice and repetition.  Although it may feel like it takes time out of your day to begin with, in the long run it will save hours of time.

If a file system you’ve been using has become noticeably harder and harder to find things, think about implementing a new way to file the items to make it easier for you and others to find.

What once was a perfect solution doesn’t always stay that way as business grows, your workload changes, or other people become involved with a project. Being organized also allows you to adapt to the changes around you and your work space.

A helpful way to organize our time is as simple as starting the day off with a goal. Determine what steps are needed to achieve that goal and outline the priorities. Once those steps are established it becomes easier to complete 1-by-1 until the goal is reached. Crossing each step off as you complete it gives a sense of achievement and will motivate you to get to the next step. Before leaving for the day, create your goal for tomorrow. When you get to work, your goal for the day is visible and you can immediately start working toward it.

A person who I admire for her organization is Jen Heischman. She keeps her work area clean and clutter free.

One quote that always comes to mind when I think about organization is “A place for everything, everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

Thank you!

Tabitha Engelbrecht
Marketing Specialist