32. Show An Attitude Of Gratitude.

Recognizing people doing things right is more effective than pointing out when they do things wrong. Focus on people’s strengths and regularly extend meaningful acknowledgement and appreciation – in all directions throughout our company.

Jennifer's Message:


Did you ever watch the Mary Tyler Moore episode where Mary is in a funk because her life is a boring routine? She feels defeated as she mumbles “Every day I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed.”

So, what does Mary do? No, she doesn’t buy a new pair of shoes or find a new job. Instead, she develops an attitude of gratitude about what she DOES have. With a song in her voice and a dance in her step, she enthusiastically declares that “Every day I wake up! I go to work! I come home! I eat dinner! Then I go to bed!” A simple concept, yet profound.

Sometimes we can all benefit from stepping back and appreciating our lives as they are. I personally am grateful for the welcome and open reception I received coming into the Famous Family. I especially want to acknowledge Christine Longville for hiring me and Michelle Morgan, Sheila Messner, Malissa Ware and Randi Moser for training me. Betsy Semisorrow, Lisa Terman and Andrew Grover also have given me so much emotional support in helping me find the “right seat on the bus” here at Famous. 

My last grateful nod is to Marty Hyatt who, without being asked, didn’t hesitate and started answering phones with me on a day he could tell I was overwhelmed.   

Most of us will never receive what seem like life’s big prizes:

  • A Super Bowl ring
  • The Pulitzer Prize
  • An Oscars

But we are all eligible for life’s true treasures:

  • A bon fire
  • A beautiful sunset
  • A high-five
  • A delicious meal
  • A kiss on the cheek from a loved one
  • Looking up to see a falling star

An Attitude of Gratitude is contagious – be a carrier!

Jennifer Sebe
Outbound Sales Account Executive | Famous Enterprises