33. Always Remember That We’re A Family.

Our relationships go deeper than simply being associates at work. We genuinely care for and about each other. Whether it’s a kind word during a tough stretch, a friendly smile each morning, or a helping hand in stressful times, show your compassion.

Pete's Message:


Recently Julie Wright asked me an interesting question. While completing a credit card authorization form for a hotel reservation for a fellow associate, the question was asked, “What is your relationship to the hotel guest?” Traditionally, she would check “coworker”. Her question to me was, “Shouldn’t I be checking the box that says family?” Of course, the accurate way to fill out the form is to check coworker, but I think this question sums up the way we feel about each other as the Famous family.

All of our fundamentals are very important, but family is not only an important fundamental, but it is our first and foremost core value. Speaking of family and Famous, I would like to take a moment to put in a good word for the Famous family fund and all the great work it does for our Famous family. If you are already contributing, thank you. If you have not participated in contributing to the fund, please take a moment to consider helping out this great cause.

Thank you and have a great week!