33. Always Remember That We’re A Family.

Our relationships go deeper than simply being associates at work. We genuinely care for and about each other. Whether it’s a kind word during a tough stretch, a friendly smile each morning, or a helping hand in stressful times, show your compassion.

Sheila's Message:


When I came to Famous, it was because I was about to become a single parent and I needed to provide for myself and my boys. I hadn’t worked outside the home for over thirteen years – I lived for my family. When I interviewed at Famous Corporate, I immediately felt a difference between here and other corporate environments I’d been in. Every person who crossed my path greeted me with friendliness, like I was being welcomed into one’s home. Randi Moser, Michelle Morgan, Lisa Boyes, and Christine Longville truly embraced this fundamental and helped me through some very trying times with encouragement, laughs and of course chocolate! Every person I met – sales teams, purchasing, marketing, HR, IT, executives and managers – were kind, positive and supportive, and pitched in to help each other out. Vendors, sales reps, and customers are also part of the Famous Family. And of course I have my “work kids.” We all can joke around with each other, but we know when we need to be serious. We are here for each other as families should be.

I learned right away that the Famous Family starts at the top with the Blaushild family. I’ve been given the privilege of distributing the “Jay Mail.” Jay takes the time to get to know people, their interests, and the interests of their extended family. Jay is also an avid reader of MANY publications. He clips articles that pertain to the interests of various “family” members. Caring for people starts with listening and paying attention to what is important to them. It’s so clear that Jay has been a good listener for many years, not only in the articles he sends out, but also in the emails of praise and stories of the past that he shares with us all.

Many of you have been with Famous or had a relationship with Famous for a number of years. Although I’ve only been with Famous for a short time, you all have become my second family -my Famous Family. Famous became my “Happy Place” because of the wonderful people who take the time to smile and laugh with me. I love welcoming people to Famous because I can truly tell them we are family. I see it in how I’ve been treated, and I’ve seen it in how we treat everyone who steps through the doors.

Brian Blaushild recently asked me who my favorite person was here at Famous. I stammered, because all I could do was start naming people I love here and what I love about them. Everyone has their less than perfect moments, but you are all amazing and I’m proud to call you my Famous Family.

Sheila R. Messner
Administrative Assistant/Corporate