34. Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance.

Take care of yourself at home and at work. The healthier you are, the more you’ll thrive personally and professionally. Balance your time between work, family life, community activities, physical fitness, and emotional/spiritual development.

Jerry's Message:


This fundamental is important to me because it separates Famous Supply from other employers. This fundamental proves the company cares about us both personally and professionally.

It is up to each of us to be healthier and physically fit. With gym membership reimbursement and Kaitlyn’s coaching and recipe ideas, the company has given us the tools to be healthier. This can help us on the job and at home.

Encourage your peers to get involved in a group or organization that they’re passionate about. This will help them and their community. It gives everyone some time to forget about the stress of work and focus on something else that you enjoy.

To me, the most important part of this fundamental is family life. I try to support this with the associates I directly work with as much as possible. I encourage managers to spread the time off on holidays around. Example: Associates that are off Memorial Day weekend, work Labor Day weekend.

Also, ask your team if they have something going on at home before making the Saturday schedules. I believe this approach is working in Canton and the Sebring Counter. We all know that there will be times where we need to have each other’s back, because someone else had yours a couple weeks ago.

When I came to Famous Supply, I left a place where work was the only thing that mattered to the company. Paid 1/2 days and time off around the holidays were not allowed. When you’re working instead of at your kid’s game, or at the hospital with a sick family member, you’re probably not going to be effective because your mind is elsewhere. Famous provides paid wellness hours, community service hours and vacation days. They encourage us to be where we need to be when our families need us, and when we need them.

Thank you,

Jerry Hollback
CSM Famous Canton