35. Don’t Judge. Get The Facts.

Don’t make assumptions. There’s usually more to the story than it first appears. Gather the facts before jumping to conclusions or making judgments. Be curious about what other information might give you a more complete picture.

Tommy's Message:


For many of us, perception is reality. What you see is actually what you’re going to get. It’s easier to come to your own conclusions rather than searching for the facts. Because, let’s face it, fact checking can be kind of boring.

The challenge with this fundamental, in my opinion, is less about being judgmental and more about impatience. In our microwave society, we can buy anything we want with just a few taps on our phone, and it appears on our doorstep within 2 days. We’ve been accustomed to getting what we want instantaneously. Especially when we need an answer for something. This translates into a “Judge now, ask questions later” mentality.

In business, it’s important to be decisive, but making an uninformed decision is almost always more damaging. Deciding to change direction in how we market/advertise because of a measured result or a change in circumstances is a very important part of growing as a company. It allows us to react to an ever-changing economy. But if our Marketing Team started going rogue based on how we feel, without doing our due diligence on the front end, we would be in a heap of trouble (trust us, we know this from experience, LOL).

In my time here at Famous I have seen how people go that extra mile for each other. By practicing patience and taking the time to gain the necessary facts first, we can all continue to grow together.

Tommy Klayko
Marketing Specialist