36. Practice Human Connection.

Listen for, and pay attention to, the unique things that make people special. Use handwritten notes, personal cards, and timely encounters or phone calls to acknowledge them, and to show your appreciation for them. Show people you care about them as individuals, rather than as transactions.

Marc's Message:


Is there anything that you can think of that is more important and more powerful than the human connection?  After all, when we are old and gray and we look back on our lives, how we connected with our spouse (if applicable) or partner, family, close friends and / or coworkers is what life is all about.  Personally I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met, connected with and married Sherri 30+ years ago.  I love and admire her for the person that she is, her core values, and how she leads her life.  Sherri is an amazing wife, mom, daughter and friend who cares so much about everyone and is truly a giving person beyond words.

I’ve had the privilege to watch Sherri (up close and personal) interact with others, and I’ve come to see a common theme shine through on a daily basis.  Sherri has the innate ability to connect with people.  I watch her eye contact, smile, tone and her genuine feelings that she expresses whether she meets new people or reconnects with others on an ongoing basis.  I’m not sure that there is anyone I know who has hugged more people than Sherri, and they are not a perfunctory “hi, how are you” or “see you later” hug, but rather a meaningful and loving embrace.

Sherri may be one of the few people I know who takes that human connection to the next level by even making complete strangers feel her warmth and love.  Many times when we are talking about our day, she will tell me how gratifying it was and relay a story that exemplifies the human connection.  Just a couple weeks ago at Heinen’s (our local grocery store), one of the cashiers who she sees on a regular basis was having a really difficult day.  They talked briefly about it during her checkout, and as Sherri was about to leave, she looked at her and said, “Would you mind if I give you a hug?”  This person said, “I would love that more than anything”, and Sherri walked around the grocery cart and not only gave her a big hug and a rub on her back, but she offered some kind words, which brought tears to the woman’s eyes.  It made both of their days and that is an example of what makes the human connection so powerful.  Sometimes it’s hard to venture out of one’s comfort zone to make that leap of faith, show vulnerability and connect on a deeper and more personal level.  As we do this more often, as Sherri has shown me, it will not only feel even more natural but it’s a wonderful thing to do for others.

Sherri would probably admit she’s not a social butterfly at an event where some people “work the room” and talk to anybody and everybody.  In fact, she would say she’s more comfortable having intimate conversations with 2 – 3 people which speak volumes to quality over quantity.

Simply, Sherri like so many others at Famous has the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and this allows these individuals to use each and every encounter as a unique opportunity to show another person how much one cares about them as individuals, rather than a transaction during the day.

I have been very fortunate to not only be a recipient of Sherri’s good heart but to have a front row seat and see her in action every day as she lives the human connection to the fullest and for that I am grateful!

I recently read a quote by Dov Greenberg, which ties in nicely with this week’s message which is … “The pursuit of happiness is one of the primary sources of unhappiness.  Pursue kindness and happiness will sneak into your life.”  Thanks for being kind to others and focusing intently on practicing the human connection.