36. Practice Human Connection.

Listen for, and pay attention to, the unique things that make people special. Use handwritten notes, personal cards, and timely encounters or phone calls to acknowledge them, and to show your appreciation for them. Show people you care about them as individuals, rather than as transactions.

Tony's Message:


A human connection (personal touch) can be small on the surface, but have a strong impact that could build a bond that lasts a lifetime. This is truly The Famous Way. It can be a hand written thank you card. It can be a pat on the back. It could be a simple question, like, “How’s your Mom doing?”, or remembering your birthday.

I have been fortunate to witness such actions on a daily basis with many associates. Two associates that exemplify this fundamental are Paul Nemitt and Shelly Briselli. Paul has the opportunity to see his friends every day that happen to be customers. When you see Paul interact with his customers, it’s like another language, referencing so many personal things that only the two of them can relate to.

Shelly genuinely cares about her customers’ best interest, always asking about family and keeping up with personal information when she sees her customers. Whether it’s been a day or a month, she can pick up on the same conversation where they left off, while handing them their favorite cookies.

Practice Human Connection has been is a fundamental that has helped Famous Enterprises become what it is today. Practice the Human Connection and have a customer for life.