37. Be Process-Oriented.

World-class organizations are built on a foundation of highly effective, repeatable systems and processes. Work to create processes for every aspect of your role, and then turn those processes into habits to achieve efficient and consistent results.

Julie's Message:


When I started thinking about this fundamental way back in September 2017, I asked myself, “Who at Famous is process oriented?” I stood up, looked to my right, glanced in front of me, then turned to my left, and it finally hit me. They are right “down the street” (or down the hall) from me! One of my favorite departments or teams (to pick on) at Famous is our HR team. So I visited my friends in Human Resources to check out how process oriented they are. The first example that caught my eye was the blank “New Hire Checklist”. This form is completed by HR for all new associates at Famous, and there is a checkbox beside several items, starting with the initial application, direct deposit is set up, your personal information is entered into Paylocity, and lastly they make sure every new associate receives the Famous Fundamental flip book, fold out card and letter.

Wait. There’s more. Our HR team also makes sure that all associates attend our New Associate Summit here at Corporate where our ELT (Executive Leadership Team) gives a presentation; you take a tour and have dinner with others at our corporate office.

Let’s imagine that you are a new associate at Famous. You have worked a full week in your new role. Let’s say that sometime in the near future you attend the New Associate Summit, meet our ELT, and you truly appreciate the culture. You are so proud to have finally found that career and you plan to one day retire from Famous. You absolutely love your new Famous Family. You tell yourself, “I really like it at Famous Supply.” You’ve been working very hard and are looking forward to your next pay check, so you can take a special person out to dinner and celebrate.

Aren’t you happy that on Friday when you log on to your bank website that Olivia, Lexi, Missy, Amy, Lisa, Sherrie and Kevin are all process oriented and checked the box beside “Direct Deposit/ Check” on the “New Hire Checklist”?

Thank you to our HR team for being SO “process oriented”!

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” ~ W. Edwards Deming / American Engineer