38. Treasure, Protect, And Promote Our Reputation.

We’re all responsible for, and benefit from, the Famous brand and reputation. Be a brand ambassador and always put your best foot forward. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation, and act in a way that brings honor to us all.

Mark's Message:


Famous Supply is our company name, our brand and the Fundamentals we live and execute every day. The Famous “brand” is how we are perceived by our customers, vendors, and even our own associates.

Recently we had an order that was put in will call. Our customer later called and requested it be delivered to the job site. Since the product was already in our branch, the Warren and Youngstown teams partnered to solve the problem and get the product delivered to our customer.

CSM’s John Mellor (Youngstown), and Jon White (Warren) sent a box truck from Youngstown to Warren, picked up the product, and then delivered it to the customer’s jobsite. Very appreciative, our customer remarked that one of the reasons they deal with Famous Supply is our integrity and honesty, and that they trust we will make the order right no matter what.

I speak for myself, as well as my fellow associates in Youngstown and Warren, we are proud to be “brand ambassadors” for Famous Supply, and to Treasure, Protect and Promote our reputation as a company.

Mark A. Klein
Counter – Famous Supply of Warren