39. Be In The Gray Zone.

Not everything in life and work is black and white. Though we have policies and procedures, you often need to be in the gray zone, where guidelines and guiding principles are more important than following a rule. While making sure everything you do is ethical and legal, use your judgment and common sense when making decisions. If you’re unsure how to handle something, talk about it with a coworker or manager and collaborate to determine the best course of action.

Mark's Message:


Ansel Adams is a famous photographer whose greatest pictures are black and white. He made a great contribution to photography with his “Zone System”.  This system is a method of looking at the black and white and finding the right exposure for that picture. Many photographers still use it in today’s digital world. If a photographer is not sure of the exposure or it is a critical shot, they would bracket it, meaning take several pictures at different exposures. Today’s digital cameras do this automatically.

When you are dealing with a difficult situation, the answer is never black or white. Look at the whole picture and pick an option that considers all of the zones. Take several “pictures” of the situation in your mind, and then look at each perspective. Use your best judgement to “Do the Right Thing” that aligns with our goals and strategy.

It is very hard to take a picture where everything is perfectly exposed, so we need to take a picture that looks pleasing to both our customer and Famous. Not too much black, and not too much white. Look at the self portrait of Ansel Adams below. Notice there is a very small area that is almost white and almost black however most of the photo is shades of grey.

Thank you,

Mark Ham
HVAC Training and Technical Support