4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way.

It’s all about the customer experience. Do the little things, by focusing on the details, as well as the big things, that make someone’s day. Create extraordinary experiences they’ll tell others about. Do the unexpected.

Brad's Message:


All of us have received memorable service sometime in our life. When I think about times I received memorable service, I also reflect back to think about the customer service that I have delivered. I often find myself looking back and wondering, “Did I provide the type of service that I want to be remembered by?” If I remembered the way someone went out of their way to make sure I had an experience so memorable that I want to come back, then what could I do to provide an experience to my customer so memorable that they want to come back to do business with me?

I remember a time when I was given the name of a customer that didn’t have a positive experience with his first dealings with Famous. I spoke to a couple of sales associates on my team to share the opportunity with them.  We made extra effort to reach out and make sure his next couple of experiences were positive and memorable.  Not only did I personally reach out to offer our help & services to him but I asked some of the sales team to do the same… his response?  He was amazed and said that he’s never had so many people from one company reach out to him and want to help. He also commented that he wants to do business with someone that cares so much that they’d go out of their way to make a positive impression and do things right.  I took the opportunity to talk to him about our 40 Fundamentals and he was further impressed.

At the end of the day, take a few minutes to reflect and ask yourself, “Did I do anything different to deliver memorable service to my customers I dealt with today?”

Several long term associates that practice this fundamental regularly and as far back as I can remember are Tyler Meyers, Randy Shaffer & Eric St. Clair. An associate that comes to mind that has provided memorable internal customer service is Bruce Raff.

Customers only remember the most memorable experiences and the last transaction so we need to work hard to make each and every experience memorable for our customers. It could be as simple as doing something the competition don’t or going above and beyond. The Famous Way is a group of “Best Practices” & “Above & Beyonds” that if put into practice will help us deliver a memorable customer service experience to all our customers.