4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way.

It’s all about the customer experience. Do the little things, by focusing on the details, as well as the big things, that make someone’s day. Create extraordinary experiences they’ll tell others about. Do the unexpected.

Marc's Message:


I read a quote recently that said “Those who are happiest do the most for others”.  To take it a step further, shouldn’t we find our happiness in the success of others?  Great teams / companies win because their associates are willing to sacrifice to make others happy.  They set aside personal goals and value team success over everything else. I firmly believe that¹s true at Famous.  We have countless associates that live and breathe this way of life.  It’s in the fabric of who we are as individuals and the type of people that are attracted to our organization.  When we exemplify this attitude of giving with our customers, they notice it, and they feel it.  When we consistently focus on what we can give, rather than what we can receive, and our competitors don’t, it provides Famous a unique opportunity to create an even bigger gap in the way customers think about us as their #1 preferred supplier.

However, we cannot just talk about providing memorable service the Famous way.  We have to do it.  That means being on top of every detail that is critical to the customer experience.  Think about a customer coming into our express will call to pick up their order(s).  When we see them arriving, greeting them by name, with a smile and enthusiasm sets the right / perfect tone.  When their product is in the right shelf location with proper shipping label data (company name, account, PO#, etc.), those accurate details allows both parties the  speed / productivity and the experience they want, need, and demand from their suppliers.  And time permitted (assuming other customers aren¹t waiting at will call or our counter) helping them to their vehicle with their order and providing an authentic and sincere thank you further solidifies delivering memorable service the Famous Way.  So let’s not skip over what we may think are minor points.  Conversely, let’s pay even closer attention to our customers as opportunities to give more of our focus and attention that differentiate us from a lesser experience they may get elsewhere.

Always remember that the lowest performance or experience we tolerate is our performance and / or customer experience standard.  Therefore, we must continually raise the bar and our standards so that customers will not only tell others about us, but so that they become our best, greatest and loyal fans of Famous.  As you do more for others, the happier you and our customers will be.  And you both deserve to be happy.