4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way.

It’s all about the customer experience. Do the little things, by focusing on the details, as well as the big things, that make someone’s day. Create extraordinary experiences they’ll tell others about. Do the unexpected.

Ryan's Message:


I am relatively new to the Famous Family. Compared to those with tenures of 25, 30 and 40+ years, I am just a whippersnapper at almost 7 years. However, I have been associated with Famous for much longer since I was a buyer for a Famous customer for 20 years. I have watched the development of the systems leading to where we are now. It is said you can be led by change or lead change. I have witnessed Famous go from handwritten tickets and weeks to receive materials, to eFamous online ordering and next day delivery, and it is apparent that Famous is leading change. Marc Blaushild and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are thinking ahead and planning for the future to make sure Famous will always be there delivering memorable service.

There is a quote from a Denzel Washington movie, Remember the Titans, which seems appropriate“Attitude reflects leadership.” On our monthly conference calls, Marc shares stories of customers praising their delivery driver, or warehouse associate, or the sales person who went above and beyond for them. It’s all about the customer experience.

In the year we have been open in Youngstown, I have watched relationships build between associates and our customers. We have many new customers who had not known about or dealt with Famous before we opened. I was listening to John Balla take an order over the phone the other day. He confirmed all the items the customer had ordered. After John entered the order in the system, he took the time to call the customer back asking them about the ¾” pipe they ordered. They had not ordered any ¾” fittings and he wanted to check in case he had missed them or they had forgot to order them. This is just one example of the memorable service our associates provide every day. From a hearty good morning to helping customers load their trucks, we go above and beyond to keep our customers for life.

I am blessed to be a member of the Famous Family and to work with great associates in Warren and Youngstown on a daily basis.