5. Be A Fanatic About Response Time.

People expect us to respond to their questions and concerns quickly, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or by e-mail. This includes simply acknowledging that we received the request and we’re “on it,” as well as keeping those involved continuously updated on the status of outstanding issues.

Amy's Message:


The old saying “time is money” is all around the service industry. Time is a valuable resource. Therefore, it is better to do things as quickly as possible. However, with everyone connected by email, social media or cell phone, we’ve become used to having our questions and concerns acknowledged now. We know that they received our question! So what is the response?

Unfortunately, that is where the trouble begins. It is so easy to send off a quick comment or perceived answer without digging into the “meat” of the concern. E-mail chains or phone tags begin as we try to narrow down the real need. As we already know, everything is not black and white, and as easily answered in a quick response. In HR, there are many circumstances that require extra digging to address the issue. I am really lucky to work so closely with Lisa Stacks, who has built and retained such knowledge in dealing with so many internal issues. It is important to learn from the individuals around you to build your own base of knowledge. (Especially when it deals with payroll and your money.) I find that when I communicate with fellow associates, it is better to step back for an instant, fully understand their need, and not just interject with the first thing that comes to mind. We all need to work with co-workers to be consistent across the board, and give the correct information. 

It is very important to respond timely, manage priorities and set reminders to follow up. It is also important to clearly communicate and do things right the first time. We cannot rush through the day and do one without the other. Our customers and associates deserve the best, and we are “on it”!!

Thank you,


Amy Beegle

Payroll Coordinator