8. Honor Commitments.

There’s no better way to earn people’s trust than to be true to your word. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. This includes being on time for all phone calls, meetings, and promises. If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, notify others immediately and agree upon a new timeframe to be honored.

John's Message:


If you look up the definition of “honor” in the dictionary, some of the key descriptions are “high respect, esteem, a person that builds creditability and adherence to what is right”. Then if you look up the definition of “commitment”, some of the definition includes “a pledge, an obligation, and being dedicated to a cause”.

When I read the definition of both of these words, I thought of my two sons, Gio and Rocco. I believe my goal as a parent would be to have both of my children grow up honoring their commitments. I hope I am teaching them that by example. Wouldn’t every parent want that for their children? I wonder what kind of world we would live in if all of us honored our commitments.

When it comes to our company and customers, we must always honor our commitments. A company will not survive by failing in their commitments to their customers. I also believe you cannot have a successful career by failing to meet your personal commitments.

My father always said you are only as good as your word, so do what you say you are going to do; your reputation depends on it. How do we (you) want to be remembered by your peers, family, customers?