Habitat for Humanity
Working together with Habitat for Humanity to improve living conditions with a place to call home. A portion of every 33brands purchase is donated to the regional Habitats in our footprint, as well as in-kind donations to regional Habitat ReStore locations. Habitat works with families, local communities, and volunteers so that more people are able to live in Affordable and Safe Homes.
Habitat For Humanity logo

With your support, we have provided safe and affordable housing to 18 families in our communities in 2023.  58 families in total in our local communities have been provided safe and affordable housing. 

65% reported better health. 

80% of children’s grades have improved. 

94% of homeowners now feel safe in their homes. 

48% of families feel more connected to their community. 

We believe everyone deserves a safe, affordable home and are dedicated to making housing available for our neighbors in need.