HVAC Service Work: Tools of the Trade

 April 1, 2024      Jeff Rosenblum

A frequently asked question is, "What tools do I need?" Answering this can be complex, as the required tools vary depending on the specific job. This article will focus on essential tools for technicians engaged in HVAC service work.

The first tool that every technician should own is a multimeter. This device should be capable of measuring AC and DC voltage, microamps, millivolts, frequency, amps, and capacitance. Having a high-quality meter can simplify your job and enhance productivity. A recommended high-quality meter is the UEI DL599.

Another essential tool for your toolkit is a dual-port digital manometer. This instrument is incredibly useful, utilized throughout the year, so it's crucial to maintain a fresh set of batteries. The dual-port digital manometer can be used to measure gas pressure, test pressure switches, and adjust static pressure, which is vital for optimizing your cooling airflow. Although this tool might be often overlooked and underutilized, its value is immense when needed. The UEI EM720 is an excellent selection, offering all the necessary features for measuring static pressure, gas pressure, and testing pressure switches.

Finally, the tool that should make its way on to every truck is a combustion analyzer. Conducting a final combustion test when leaving a customer's home ensures that any fossil fuel-burning equipment operates safely. Neglecting to test for CO can pose serious risks, not only to technicians but also to customers. While efficiency is crucial, safety is paramount and should never be compromised.

While there are many other tools that we will address in future articles, these three are among the most frequently used. Should you require technical assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Famous HVAC Tech Department at 330-475-8230.