Introducing the New ICON Gas Valve



As part of Bradford White's commitment to delivering continuous product improvements, you will soon see a new version of the ICON gas valve on our residential and light duty commercial gas atmospheric vent water heaters.

The new version offers Bradford White customers significant advantages, without affecting the ease of installation or repair you've come to expect with the ICON.

Key features include:

  • Built Tough Cover Designed to protect internal components during transport and installation.
  • Ergonomic Control Knob Allows for precise temperature set point selection and ease of pilot lighting.
  • Easy-View LED Light Visible from standing position.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics An exclusive multicolor LED light diagnostic system.

        - Green: Pilot on/normal burner operation

        - Amber: Warning - Service recommended

        - Red: Critical - Service required

  • Simplified Diagnostics Reduced number of error codes to streamline troubleshooting.
  • Service Compatibility The new control is backwards compatible and can be installed on existing Bradford White water heaters.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact your Famous Supply team.