Lineset Installation Requirements

 October 10, 2023

JMF EZ-Pull is the recognized industry-leader for premium quality hard shell lineset insulation. To ensure the installation of linesets with the EZ-Pull (or standard black rubber insulation) is performed correctly, please adhere to these required industry installation practices.

EZ-PULL® white & black polyethylene hard shell insulation is a flexible, polyethylene closed cell insulation with a polyethylene hard shell outer jacket designed to prevent tearing during installation. EZ-PULL® insulation is weather and ultraviolet resistant and is paintable.

For maximum longevity, insulation material must be either painted or jacketed where outdoor environmental exposure is present.

In order to minimize heat loss and control condensation, proper sealing of the lineset insulation during the installation process in accordance with ASTM C1710 is mandatory.

It is especially important to seal the end of pipe run to prevent ambient air for entering the system. Failure to do so could result in condensation formation between the insulation and pipe.

Apply the adhesive to the insulation and allow to set until tacky to the touch. Use light pressure to ensure proper adhesion to the pipe. We recommend using Armacell 520, K-Flex 620 or 720-LVOC (or equivalent) adhesives.

JMF Linesets have a limited 1 year warranty.

White EZ-Pull Insulation Lineset           

White EZ-Pull Insulation 
(Also Available in Black Shell) 

Standard Black Rubber Insulation

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