Milwaukee Tool Repair

   July 31, 2018        Janet Berta


Did you know you can eliminate the middleman and time wasted to get your Milwaukee tool repaired with free shipment and delivery to your doorstep?

eService is your 24/7 solution for quick, convenient repairs and is best for individual or smaller tool quantities. Your warranty and non-warranty repairs can be done in a week or less. All you have to do is le the claim on, under service; scroll to eService and le your claim. A FedEx shipping label will be provided to return the tool for free. Package your material and drop it o at one
of 8,000 authorized FedEx shipping centers nationwide. The Milwaukee Factory Trained Technicians will repair your tool with genuine Milwaukee parts and return it directly to you!

The date code of the tool will be used to determine if the product is within the warranty period. A copy of the invoice or bill of sale will be required for warranty verification if the date code exceeds the warranty period. Warranty registration is not necessary to obtain the applicable warranty of the Milwaukee Tool product.

Warranty covers the cost of free repairs or replacements and the coverage of products defective in material or workmanship.

Non-warranty covers the cost of repair quote. Products exceeding the warranty period and products within the warranty period, but defective due to normal wear/ tear and abuse can be repaired at your cost. Milwaukee Tool will inform you with their findings and requires your approval before proceeding with repair.

eService is quick, easy, and at your fingertips for all of you Milwaukee Tool repairs.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491