Multizone Breeze33 Charging

 August 8, 2022      Jeff Rosenblum

When a multizone Breeze33 (generation 1) system is installed, sometimes additional refrigerant must be added. Multizone Breeze33 outdoor units are pre-charged for a line set length of 24.5 ft for each of the zones it can handle. (A 2-zone unit is pre-charged for 49 ft, a 3-zone system is pre-charged for 73.5 ft, etc) If the total amount of line sets is longer than what is allotted for the pre-charge, additional refrigerant must be added. Please see below on how to calculate the correct amount of additional refrigerant.

  1. Measure the length of all installed 1/4" and 3/8" liquid lines. (Liquid line only) (ex. 125 feet of total line sets installed)
  2. Multiply the number of zones your system can handle by 24.5 ft. (ex. 3 zones x 24.5 ft = 73.5 ft)
  3. Subtract the pre-charged length of your system from your total line set length. (ex. 125 ft total line set length – 73.5 ft of pre-charge = 51.5 ft non charged line set length
  4. If the installed line set length exceeds the factory pre-charge length, use the formula below to determine the additional charge needed:
    • If the liquid line is 1/4" add 0.16oz per additional foot
    • If the liquid line is 3/8" add 0.32oz per additional foot.

NOTE: The maximum line set length for each system is listed on each product’s spec sheet. These spec sheets can be found at