Negative Air Pressure

  September 17, 2019      Bradford White


Negative air pressure is the flow or movement of air from the outside to the inside of a building.

Devices that pull air out of the building can create negative air pressure. This is especially true in dealing with kitchen or restaurant product applications. Cook top fans can move 200-400 cubic feet of air per minute, generating an enormous amount of negative air pressure. The use of exhaust fans, clothing dryers, furnaces, central vacuums or additional hood ranges may increase the presence of negative air pressure.


Possible Negative Air Pressure Issues:

  • Slower recovery times
  • Pilot flames will not stay lit
  • Presence of carbon monoxide
  • Sooting around the burner assembly
  • Flames rollout on heavy duty commercial models (non-FVIR models)
  • Excessive condensation