Preparing for Cold Weather All Year Long

   July 31, 2018        Janet Berta


When installing Legend Valve Frost-Free Sillcocks, we hope to instruct you on how to prevent the valve from freezing. Make sure you select the correct length for the application. The length must have at least 2” of the inlet in a heated space for the valve to resist freezing. Sealing all air gaps between the back of the mounting flange, the exterior wall and drilled holes is essential. Seasonally heated or non-heated installation requires an accessible stop-and-waste valve to allow winterization. When installing, make sure there is a five-degree angle drilled. The mounting flange must be flush against the exterior wall.

The T-550’s frost-free feature works by shutting o the water in the building and draining the water downstream of the shutoff. All water lines must be drained.

All defective valves are returned to Legend Valve for testing. If it is found that freezing was the cause, credit will be denied.

Informing your customers of these instructions will help them when the cold weather hits. Instructions are in the box to give to the end user.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491