Problematic Skypak Thru-The-Wall Unit?

 March 21, 2022      Ken Flesher

It’s a common story, an older thru-the-wall unit needs replaced as replacement parts have become obsolete, virtually impossible to obtain. This normally wouldn’t be a major issue until we determine that the wall opening is not standard and there are no current HVAC Manufacturers making equipment of a similar design.

Famous Supply is well versed in the Skymark Skypak VTAC systems. They were previously manufactured under the Fedders and Climatrol labels. All required a wall opening that measured 55” high by 18” wide. Replacing these versions with those currently being manufactured would require the opening up the wall to increase the width opening and filling in areas of the façade to reduce the opening height. If the replacement process is that of a fix upon fail, the building will have a noticeable change to its ascetics.

Famous Supply has a possible solution that will allow for the existing wall sleeve and grill to be maintained, thus protecting the fabric of the structure. The process uses a Bernard transition adapter and a Magic Pak M-series unit. We had great success with other projects using this approach and building owners and managers have been very pleased.

If you do experience a need to replace a Skypak unit, please contact Famous Supply. We will gladly join you onsite to determine whether the existing units are right or left versions. We can also help with determining any needed modifications to the mechanical room’s gas supply, electric, and drain.

We’re here to help.

As always if you need any additional help please call the Famous Supply HVAC Tech Department at 800-362-8230.

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