Proper Start Up

 July 1, 2015      Jeff Rosenblum


The summer is in full swing and I’m sure you are staying busy. With that being said, please take time to do a proper start up on that brand new AC unit you just installed. As I have said many times, we don’t live in the age of just hooking up an AC and letting it run. Things have changed! We must pay special attention to the process we use to install and start that new equipment.

When doing the initial install, you need to flow nitrogen through the line set as you braze to prevent oxidation on the inside of the lines. Then when pulling a vacuum, use a micron gauge to make sure you have reached the correct level of dehydration. Now that the system is installed, the job is not done yet. Make a point to check and adjust the cooling speed for the correct CFM per ton. Typically use 400CFM/ Ton. The static pressure should also be verified to ensure that the ductwork is delivering enough air to the conditioned space. Then and only then connect the gauges to verify the refrigerant charge.

By following these steps, you can feel comfortable that the system will perform as expected and deliver the comfort your customers expect. By installing a system that makes your customers not just happy, but ecstatic, you will have a much better chance of that customer giving you rave reviews to prospective buyers.

If you need any assistance in the start up process, please call the Famous Supply HVAC Tech Support Team at 330-434-5194

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