Recovery Rates

  October 26, 2022      Bradford White


Recovery Rates can be calculated at any Temperature Rise

Gas Water Heaters

All you need is the spec sheet or pocket catalog, and a calculator.

  1. Take the known GPH recovery and multiply by known temperature rise.
    - 145 x 100 = 14,500
  2. Then divide by your desired temperature rise (Ex. 80°F)
    - 14,500/80 =181.25
  3. The EF60T1253N will recover 181.25 GPH at an 80°F temperature rise.
    SIMPLE! This works with any product we have listed.

Electric Water Heaters
kW input will recover at the same rate, regardless of gallon capacity.

Use this chart for quick recovery results!
The chart can be found on both Heavy Duty commercial electric spec sheets.
Don’t see your desired temperature rise listed? Use the formula above for any other temperature rise.