Replacement Solution for Aerosys Aeropaks

 June 12, 2023      Ken Flesher

Aeropaks were a completely self-contained thru-the-wall heating and cooling system for apartments and condos, manufactured by Aerosys. A few years ago, Aerosys discontinued the Aeropak platform, resulting in limited to no support for existing Aeropaks still installed in homes today.

Famous Supply can provide a relatively easy replacement solution using the V-Series Magic Paks.

  • The footprint between the Aeropak and the Magic Pak are almost identical.
  • The wall opening for both units is exactly the same, 45”X29”.
  • The duct layout and size, drain location, electrical, and gas line location mirror each other.
  • One reported issue of the original Aeropak design was of rain water infiltration and the Magic Pak wall sleeve design prevents this from happening.
  • The most difficult part of the process is that the existing Aeropak wall sleeve cannot be reused so installation requires a new Magic Pak wall sleeve CA239-1 to be installed.

When contacting Famous Supply for this solution, please provide the heating requirement from the tag on the Aerosys heat module. The Aerosys Aeropak units were made without a heating component so the rating plate only reflects the cooling capacity. The heating accessory will have the BTU input listed on a small sticker and this information will ensure your Sales Representative can assist you properly.

Please contact Famous Supply for any questions. Should you prefer to meet at your Aerosys project to discuss the options face-to-face, we are more than willing to accommodate.