Reznor Warranties

   July 31, 2018        Jennica Messmore


The leaves are falling, days are turning crisp and the hoodies have come out of the closet. That can only mean one thing: Autumn has returned, along with heating season. In this Warranty Tip we will be catching up with Reznor.

Reznor UDAP/UDAS models are backed with a no questions asked, 10-year heat exchanger and 5-year parts warranty. The warranty is non-prorated, which means if your heat exchanger fails in the 11th month of the 9th year it is fully covered. There is no need to register your equipment either. Reznor warranty periods are based on the serial number and manufacture date, not the installation date.

For example: a UDAP unit that was manufactured in October 2009 has a heat exchanger warranty until October 2019. Parts other than the heat exchanger are warrantied until October 2014. If the heat exchanger fails in the 5th year of the warranty period and is replaced, the unit has five years left on the warranty; it does not start over.

Commercial and built to order equipment come with a full 1-year parts and heat exchanger warranty. Please be advised that Reznor does not cover charges for labor or other costs incurred in the troubleshooting, repair, removal, installation, service or handling of parts or complete products.

All warranty claims must be made within 90 days from the discovery of the defect. Complete model and serial number must be furnished along with the part and detailed description of failure for your claim to be processed quickly and accurately.

Should you need tech advice on your Reznor unit in Ohio, you may contact Rick Kapeluch at 216-904-2826.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491