The Sub Zero Mission

Famous Gives Back is a partner of The Sub Zero Mission, an organization with a crucial mission: ensuring that "Nobody Should Freeze to Death in America." This organization delivers hats, coats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags and other warming items to the homeless in Northeast Ohio and other regions, particularly during the harsh winter months when homelessness becomes even more challenging.

The Sub Zero Mission focuses on serving veterans as they make up 18% of the adult homeless population, according to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. Part of the organization's mission is to find veterans and help them make connections to services. The Sub Zero Mission supplies homeless veterans with knowledge and information for services and programs they might not even know are available. The organization's founders and many volunteers are veterans making this cause all the more special.

Famous' Contribution

This year, The Sub Zero Mission secured a home for a homeless vet who was living on the streets. Famous was proud to donate an HVAC system for the home, complete with all necessary parts and the expertise of a dedicated Famous associate to handle the installation.