The Right Tools For The Job 

  March 1, 2013      Jeff Rosenblum


Nowadays, newer furnaces require the proper tools for efficient and correct diagnostics.

The days of an analog meter and a book of matches are gone. New, more efficient furnaces, boilers, oil furnaces and air conditioners require the technician to have the proper diagnostic tools. Using the right tools will help the technician diagnose the problem faster and avoid costly callbacks. Some tools that are commonly used are:

  • Digital Multimeter Capable of Reading Volts, Ohms, Amps, Micro Amps, Millivolts, Capacitance and Hertz By properly using this type of meter you can diagnose problems such as poor flame signal, switches not closing, open safeties, poor motor performance, failing igniters and more.
  • Digital Dual Port Manometer for Testing Pressure Switches and Air Flow This is an often-overlooked tool that should be in every toolbox. A dual port manometer will allow you to test pressure switches to see if that is the reason for the issue. You can also test airflow in the furnace to see if it is set up right. This also helps diagnose issues in the duct system so that new furnace can perform the way it is supposed to.
  • Combustion Analyzer for Setting up and Diagnosing the Firing Rate This helps you set up the furnace correctly. By using this it can help you diagnose combustion issues, set up an oil burner and will also check to make sure the furnace is burning safely and efficiently.

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