Why Do a Start Up

 March 3, 2021      Jeff Rosenblum

When a new piece of equipment is installed, a start- up or "commissioning" MUST be done. Why is that? When the equipment is initially started and everything runs, is a commissioning really needed?  Yes it is!  

A start up is basically fine tuning the equipment. When this "fine tuning" is done the furnace and air conditioner will reach its full potential. It will heat and cool to its full capacity and work to its peak efficiency. Without a proper start-up, what is being sold may not be what homeowners are purchasing in the way of efficiency and comfort. If a 95% efficient furnace is installed without a start-up, it's efficiency may be well below that 95%. If a 3-ton air conditioner is installed without a start-up it may not be operating at a 3-ton capacity unit due to charge, air flow etc.  

When a furnace or air conditioner is manufactured, the factory has no way of knowing where or what application the equipment will be installed. Remember, all equipment is rated at laboratory conditions, not real world. So, the start-up must be done in order to ensure that the equipment works for this specific installation. A proper start-up can also uncover potential issues before they become a real problem for the homeowner.

A start up consists of several small tasks:

  • Checking and adjusting gas pressure
  • Checking temperature rise and adjusting blower speed
  • Checking voltages
  • Checking static pressure to adjust the blower speed for cooling  
  • Performing a combustion analysis 
  • These are only some of the things needed done during a start-up 

The last part of the start-up is filling out the appropriate start up form and proper warranty registration forms. These can be found in the installation manual or online at www.famous-supply.com.  

As always if you need any additional help please call the Famous Supply HVAC Tech Department.    

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