21. Communicate To Be Understood.


Know your audience. Write and speak in a way that they can understand. Be brief, accurate, and clear. Use the simplest possible explanations.



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Marc's Message

How important is it to create mutual understanding when communicating with others? I hope you believe it’s a major priority; I know I...

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Bryan's Message

Two weeks ago I heard John DiJulius speak about the topic of customer service, of which he is a published author and successful...

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George's Message

Clear and concise communication saves an incredible amount of time, energy, and frustration. Clear communication reduces unproductive back and forth clarifications. Mistakes and misunderstandings are...

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Samantha's Message

Like many of our Fundamentals this is one that requires us to practice several of the others to get right. It goes far...

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Francisco's Message

Communication is a fundamental that is essential to our day to day life. Whether it’s body language, verbal, or written, communication can strengthen...

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