34. Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance.


Take care of yourself at home and at work. The healthier you are, the more you’ll thrive personally and professionally. Balance your time between work, family life, community activities, physical fitness, and emotional/spiritual development.



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Marc's Message

Work/Life Balance can be difficult to accomplish. Think about the demands of raising a family, building a career, nurturing children, taking...

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Brian's Message

In 11th grade I was trying out for my high school golf team. It was a 4 day tryout at the end of the summer...

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Brady's Message

Having a healthy work/life balance is essential to your personal success and the overall company’s success for several reasons. Maintaining this balance will...

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Jeanie's Message

Remember the good ole days when you teeter tottered, juggled, learned to ride a bike, or danced with your dad on his shoes?...

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Jerry's Message

This fundamental is important to me because it separates Famous Supply from other employers. This fundamental proves the company cares about us both...

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