39. Be In The Gray Zone.


Not everything in life and work is black and white. Though we have policies and procedures, you often need to be in the gray zone, where guidelines and guiding principles are more important than following a rule. While making sure everything you do is ethical and legal, use your judgment and common sense when making decisions. If you’re unsure how to handle something, talk about it with a coworker or manager and collaborate to determine the best course of action.



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Marc's Message

I must admit that out of all 40 Famous Fundamentals, being in the gray zone is truly one of my favorites. Throughout my...

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John's Message

Have you ever been to a store trying to return an item and the Sales Associate rattles off their return policy? I...

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Tim's Message

This fundamental is one of my favorites. Imagine having to sit at your desk, visit one of our customers or work the counter...

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Jennifer's Message

A lot of our daily work routine is easy to identify as black or white, yes or no. Beyond our various tasks and...

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Mark's Message

Ansel Adams is a famous photographer whose greatest pictures are black and white. He made a great contribution to photography with his “Zone...

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