31. Be Obsessive About Organization.


Quality work flows from a clean and organized work place. Make sure your work area, and our facility are safe, clean, and orderly. For every minute you spend organizing and planning, an hour is earned.



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Marc's Message

Would you like to work in a disorganized environment and live your life in chaos, clutter, and confusion? Or on the other side...

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Kevin's Message

Organization is a product of discipline. Great teams all have the discipline to follow consistent processes and work in a coordinated, organized way...

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Paul's Message

Having a clean and organized work area is important to all of us. When we’re more organized we can be more productive...

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Tabitha's Message

Being organized doesn’t always come naturally or easily to people, but it can be achieved through practice and repetition. Although it may feel...

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Karly's Message

I grew up with OCD and perfectionism; all of my belongings had a “home”. Whether it was clothes being color coordinated in specific...

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