37. Be Process-Oriented.


World-class organizations are built on a foundation of highly effective, repeatable systems and processes. Work to create processes for every aspect of your role, and then turn those processes into habits to achieve efficient and consistent results.



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Marc's Message

Wholesale distributors like Famous must be growth oriented in order to have the return on investments that are necessary to build our...

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Jim's Message

Organizations that grow are usually only able to do so if they have strong (yet flexible) processes., Processes use our best practices to...

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Julie's Message

When I started thinking about this fundamental way back in September 2017, I asked myself, “Who at Famous is process oriented?” I stood...

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Rose-Marie's Message

For everything we do, systems and processes help with consistency in our responsibilities. “Being Processed-Oriented” accelerates the training/learning for new Famous associates...

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John's Message

Many years ago, before the days of automation, a young man was hired to paint the yellow lines in the city streets. His...

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