27. Share The Why.


Before others can understand what to do or how to do it, they must first understand why. Explain the big picture. The more people understand the reason for what we’re doing, the more actively they can participate in the solution.



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Marc's Message

I must admit that of all our fundamentals, “Share The Why” is truly one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because as a kid...

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Pete's Message

This is one of my favorite fundamentals. In addition to being connected to many of the other 40 fundamentals, ‘Share The Why...

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Chad's Message

I believe that sharing the why is a vital component to any business. Think to yourself for a moment if there was a...

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Jennica's Message

I’ve been at Famous for 11 years and have experienced “Sharing the Why” from both ends of the spectrum. Without this Fundamental, I...

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Jeff's Message

I love the fundamental “Share the Why”. It is absolutely crucial to anyone’s growth. I use this fundamental everyday while on the phone...

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