36. Practice Human Connection.


Listen for, and pay attention to, the unique things that make people special. Use handwritten notes, personal cards, and timely encounters or phone calls to acknowledge them, and to show your appreciation for them. Show people you care about them as individuals, rather than as transactions.



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Marc's Message

Is there anything that you can think of that is more important and more powerful than the human connection? After all, when we...

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Bryan's Message

We have all heard of the “Golden Rule” or “Love thy neighbor” reciprocity principle, which is to treat others as you would have...

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Tony's Message

A human connection (personal touch) can be small on the surface, but have a strong impact that could build a bond that lasts...

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Pam's Message

Society today can feel disconnected. Before the rising of technology with cell phones and the internet, we lived in a much simpler time...

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Elio's Message

A dream without a plan is just daydreaming. Each of us has 24 hours in a day, but what separates the good from...

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