15. Walk In Others’ Shoes.


Understand both your internal and external customers’ world. Appreciate their challenges and frustrations. Think from their perspective. The better you understand them, the more effectively you can anticipate and meet their needs.



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Marc's Message

When I think of this fundamental, I think of the word, “Empathy”. To me, empathy is more than caring. It’s going much deeper...

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Dave’s Message

This is perhaps my favorite and most meaningful fundamental, Walk in Others’ Shoes. How many times have we left a meeting with an...

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Ron's Message

Have you ever worked on a project and at a key moment someone offered valuable help? That happened to me while building my house nine...

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Diane's Message

When I chose this Fundamental, two different ways to interpret it came to mind. One way is from a business standpoint and...

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Callie’s Message

This saying dates back to the Native American Cherokee tribe and became popular in the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee...

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