13. Have Each Others’ Backs.


No one’s perfect. Look for the best in each other and provide rigorous support, including honest and direct feedback. Be willing to step into another role or help another associate when that’s what’s required for success.



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Marc's Message

You have probably heard the battle term ”If I had to be in a fox hole with someone, that is the type of...

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Brian’s Message

The other day I received the unfortunate news that the spouse of an HCP associate was going through a rather serious health issue...

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Bruce's Message

Throughout my career at Famous, I have had the privilege of working in many facets of our organization, with a vast array...

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Betsy's Message

I believe this fundamental is like a back bone in the journey to building relationships that last a lifetime. This is the fundamental...

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Tim’s Message

Life brings many twists to our work week. Some are expected, others unexpected, whether it is personal/family issues, illness or vacation time. Team...

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